On this bridge, Lorca warns...

...that the iguana will bite, those who do not dream.

25 August 1986
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BLEHHHH, I didn't update this for two years. Coming back to it was a little embarrassing: "Wait, I wrote this shiet? Oops..."

In the endless search for meaning sometimes we take our own thoughts too seriously. Conventional wisdom suddenly becomes A HUGE REVELATION, only because we're just getting to it ourselves for the first time.

With this realization, I almost feel too self conscious to write in this thing anymore!

Maybe I will, maybe I won't... but I HAD to change my old userinfo because it was made of fail, and sounded like a bad and pretentious novel about the truth of the entire world and universe, etc. FAIL.

Btw...some details:

Kevin/halfKorean-Swiss/schooling/musician/martial artist/WorldofWarcraft/Heineken/books/asian fever/unemployable/probably not smart enough for law school